This is my 3rd attempt to Post in My Blog! since 3am this morning…

Good Day, Night, whatever! fortunately Jesus is Lord of Yesterday, Today and Forever! because this seems to me to be taking Forever!

I want to Bless you, never thought it could be so difficult. I think there are forces trying to stop me blessing you, including just the set-up of Blogs, plus my brain trying to navigate this new programe, I believe this one Made it!

BLOG – Believe in the Love Of God! you like?

Today was for some Shabbat Shalom! Hebrew greeting for PEACE, HARMONY, WHOLENESS, WHOLENESS, COMPLETENESS, PROSPERITY, WELFARE, TRANQUILITY! I Bless you with these Blessings Every Day! This is not a Jewish Blog, but Blessing comes from a Promise of God, to a Gentile man named Abram then Abraham, who became Father of the Jewish Nation.

Genesis 12:3 The Lord God declared, “I will Bless those who Bless you, and I will curse those who curse you and in you All the families of the earth will be Blessed, meaning through Abraham’s Seed, Jesus Christ. So, I am In Christ, Blessed, and praying for Blessing for you!

God brings us to a Broad Place, Psalms I think. Many years ago I wrote a song about this; it is with the rest of my stuff in boxes…Next house I plan to unpack and be able to function Broader…ha ha.

Sabbath, the day of rest and peace, is essentially consciously to be Rest and Recreation. Resting from our 6 days of work, and Quality Time spent Recreating ourselves with God’s Love and Attributes and Power. We use up His Love and Energy for Life during the course of 6 days and medical science has even proved that the human body can work 6 days, then the 7th it needs to recouperate or there starts to ensue negative tolls on our human system. Over a long period the overworking can cause serious problems.

Leviticus 23:3 gives a strong guideline, “6 days work is done, but the 7th day is a Sabbath day of rest, a set-apart gathering.”

It is really good to have some pleasant company to share our rest and recreation day, and do something refreshing. John Buckle, when he was ministering in Nowra 35 years ago, preached a sermon that I have remembered All that time. John preached that if our Work was in an office, then have our Rest day out in the fresh air, bush walking or soccer with friends: and if our Work was ¬†outside, like farming or council roads, then enjoy one’s Rest day inside reading, or good movie, whatever.

So, Enjoy Rest and Recreation Any Time, a bit every day is Great too!



Life in Full Expression

Most of us are trying hard to “Make a LIFE for ourselves and those close to us and part of our world”. However much we try there seems to be holes in the bucket of our success of being happy, functioning well, and sharing positively and satisfyingly with others.

I want to let you know there are answers to your questions and a “check-in” plan to help you live LIFE IN FULL EXPRESSION!
Watch this page. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

Looking forward to sharing our journeys.